Kets Award

Jacques Kets Award for Zoology

Are you a graduating Master’s student with an innovative thesis in Zoology? Are you eager to pursue an academic career? The Jacques Kets Award for Zoology wants to give you a head start in boosting your academic skills and building your professional network. Award prizes include a travel grant, a presentation workshop, and attendance as an invited speaker at the ZOOLOGY 2024 conference. The deadline for application is 23 September 2023.

Who can participate?

Each master’s student in biology, molecular biology, bioscience-engineering, or related scientific disciplines who wrote a Master’s thesis at a Belgian university or research institute during the academic year 2022-2023 or even 2021-2022, and received a grade of at least 14/20 for their thesis.

The only requirement is that the subject of the thesis is in a zoological discipline in the broadest sense; this includes fundamental and applied studies in biodiversity conservation, ecology, population & conservation genetics, behavioral ecology & ethology, animal physiology, endocrinology, evolutionary biology, comparative anatomy & morphology, taxonomy & phylogeny, neurobiology or related disciplines.

Participation requires candidates to be able to join us at the Award Finals in Brussels on 18 November 2023.

How do you participate?

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Award prizes

The Jury Award will be provided by the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, which will give the winner a conference travel grant worth € 1,000.

The Public Prize will be provided by the Royal Belgian Zoological Society, which will give the winner the opportunity (registration, travel, and accommodation included) to present his/her work as an invited speaker for an international audience of zoologists at the next ZOOLOGY conference (formerly Benelux Congress of Zoology).

About the award

The Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp and the Royal Belgian Zoological Society annually award a scientific award for the best Belgian master thesis presentation in Zoology.

The “Jacques Kets” Award was first installed in 1953 by the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp to arouse the love for nature in young people and to encourage them to pursue a career in natural sciences. The award was named after Jacques Kets, a naturalist, and taxidermist from Antwerp who in 1843 became the first director of the newly established Antwerp Zoo.
In 2007 the Jacques Kets Award was modified into a “booster grant” to give promising Master’s students the opportunity to build upon their achievements, stimulate them to pursue an academic career in zoology, and give them a head start in building a professional network.

Prize winners 2021

Kets Prize | Lisa Van Linden (University of Antwerp / Department of Biology)

Learning with Lacertids: comparing cognition across species

Public Prize | Antoine Gekiere (Université de Mons/ Département biosciences)

From poison to potion? Effects of sunflower phenolamides on bumblebee microcolonies and individuals