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Volume 146 (2) – July 2016

Oldřich Kopecký
Changes in prey importance and prey niche overlap of sexes during the alpine newt breeding season

Corrado Battisti & Giuseppe Dodaro
Mapping bird assemblages in a Mediterranean urban park: Evidence for a shift in dominance towards medium-large body sized species after 26 years

Sarah Descamps & Alain De Vocht
Movements and habitat use of the invasive species Lithobates catesbeianus in the valley of the Grote Nete (Belgium)

Filippo Barbanera, Beatrice Moretti, Monica Guerrini, Omar F. Al-Sheikhly & Giovanni Forcina
Investigation of ancient DNA to enhance natural history museum collections: misidentification of smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata) specimens across multiple museums

Fahimeh Azod, Shahnaz Shahidi-Noghabi, Kamran Mahdian & Guy Smagghe
Lethal and sublethal effects of spirotetramat and abamectin on predatory beetles (Menochilus sexmaculatus) via prey (Agonoscena pistaciae) exposure, important for integrated pest management in pistachio orchards

Gilles Lepoint, Laurent Bernard, Sylvie Gobert & Loïc N. Michel
Trophic interactions between two neustonic organisms: insights from Bayesian stable isotope data analysis tools


Cristian E. Schleich
Preferential use of one paw during feeding in the subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum

Volume 146 (1) – January 2016

Ignacy Kitowski, Agnieszka Sujak, Dariusz Wiącek, Waclaw Strobel, Andrzej Komosa, Marcin Stobiński
Heavy metals in livers of raptors from Eastern Poland – the importance of diet composition

Etienne Geraert
A quadratic approach to allometry yields promising results for the study of growth

Gilles Lepoint, Loïc N. Michel, Eric Parmentier & Bruno Frédérich
Trophic ecology of the seagrass-inhabiting footballer demoiselle Chrysiptera annulata (Peters, 1855); comparison with three other reef-associated damselfishes

Quentin Goffette, Marceline Denis, Nadja Pöllath & Wim Van Neer
Change in Historical Range of the Ural Owl in Europe

François Gillet, Bruno Le Roux, Frédéric Blanc, Aurélie Bodo, Christine Fournier-Chambrillon, Pascal Fournier, Frédérick Jacob, Vincent Lacaze, Mélanie Némoz, Stéphane Aulagnier & Johan R. Michaux
Genetic monitoring of the endangered Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus) in the Aude River, France


Jonathan Richir & Sylvie Gobert
An ecophysiological discussion of trace element bioaccumulation in cultured Mytilus galloprovincialis

Robin Brabant, Yves Laurent, René-Marie Lafontaine, Bob Vandendriessche & Steven Degraer
First offshore observation of parti-coloured bat Vespertilio murinus in the Belgian part of the North Sea

Jelle Ronsmans & Tom Van den Neucker
A persistent population of the chocolate-band snail Eobania vermiculata (Gastropoda: Helicidae) in Belgium

Volume 145 (2) – July 2015

Loïc N. Michel, Patrick Dauby, Alessandra Dupont, Sylvie Gobert & Gilles Lepoint
Selective top-down control of epiphytic biomass by amphipods from Posidonia oceanica meadows: implications for ecosystem functioning

Andrzej Zawal , Przemysław Śmietana, Edyta Stępień, Vladimir Pesic, Magdalena Kłosowska, Grzegorz Michoński, Aleksandra Bańkowska, Piotr Dąbkowski & Robert Stryjecki
Habitat comparison of Mideopsis orbicularis (O. F. Müller, 1776) and M. crassipes Soar, 1904 (Acari: Hydrachnidia) in the Krąpiel River

Jarosław Wiącek
Long-term changes of breeding success in Montagu’s Harrier Circus pygargus

Fei Ye, Ting Liu, Wenbo Zhu & Ping You
Complete mitochondrial genome of Whitmania laevis (Annelida, Hirudinea) and comparative analyses within Whitmania mitochondrial genomes


Pierrette Nyssen, Quentin Smits, Marc Van de Sijpe, Bob Vandendriessche,
David Halfmaerten & Daan Dekeukeleire
First records of Myotis alcathoe von Helversen & Heller, 2001 in Belgium

Volume 145 (1) – January 2015

Izaskun Merino-Sáinz & Araceli Anadón
Local distribution pattern of harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones) in a Northern temperate Biosphere Reserve landscape: influence of orientation and soil richness

Development of a fish-based index combining data from different types of fishing gear. A case study of reservoirs in Flanders (Belgium)

France COLLARD, Amandine Collignon, Jean-Henri Hecq, Loïc MICHEL
Biodiversity and seasonal variations of zooneuston in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea

Fevzi UÇKAN, Rabia ÖZBEK & Ekrem ERGIN
Effects of Indol-3-Acetic Acid on the biology of Galleria mellonella and its endoparasitoid Pimpla turionellae

Dorothée C. PÊTE, Gilles Lepoint, Jean-Marie BOUQUEGNEAU & Sylvie
Early colonization on Artificial Seagrass Units and on Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile leaves

Mats PERRENOUD, Anthony HERREL, Antony BOREL & Emmanuelle
Strategies of food detection in a captive cathemeral lemur, Eulemur rubriventer

A first report of introduced non-native damselfly species (Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae) for Belgium

Volume 144 (2) – July 2014

Vinaya Kumar SETHI, Dinesh BHATT & Amit KUMAR
Song sharing in the pied bush chat (Saxicola caprata)

Reproductive activities of two zooplanktivorous clupeid fish in relation to the seasonal abundance of copepod prey in the northern end of Lake Tanganyika

Daniel JABLONSKI, Andrej ALENA, Petr VLČEK & David JANDZiK
Axanthism in amphibians: A review and the first record in the widespread toad of the Bufotes viridis complex (Anura: Bufonidae)

Tomás Horacio Delgadin, Daniela Irina Pérez Sirkin, Paola Julieta
Karp, Mariana Fossati & Paula Gabriela Vissio
Inter-individual variability in reproductive success and somatic growth in Cichlasoma dimerus (Heckel, 1840)

Claude Massin, Jan Wittoeck & Kris Hostens
Leptosynapta inhaerens (O.F. Müller 1776) (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea): A new record for the Belgian marine waters

Jozefien Derw eduwen, Hans Hillewa ert, Sofie Vandendriessche & Kris Hostens
First record of Montagu’s sea snail Liparis montagui (Donovan, 1804) in Belgian waters

Volume 144 (1) – January 2014

Giuseppe DODARO & Corrado BATTISTI
Rose -ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) and starling (Sturnus vulgaris) syntopics in a Mediterranean urban park: evidence for competition in nest site selection?

Laith A. JAWAD
A case of partial albinism in the yellow-belly flounder, Rhombosolea leporina Günther, 1862 (Pleuronectiformes: Pleuronectidae) collected from Manukau Harbor, Auckland, New Zealand

Emilie Descamps, Alicja Sochacka, Barbara De Kegel, Denis Van
Loo, Luc Van Hoorebeke & Dominique Adriaens
Soft tissue discrimination with contrast agents using micro-CT scanning

Facultative endosymbionts of aphid populations from coastal dunes of the North Sea

Gilles Lepoint, Olivier Mouchette, Corine Pelaprat & Sylvie Gobert
An ecological study of Electra posidoniae Gautier, 1954 (Cheilostomata, Anasca), a bryozoan epiphyte found solely on the seagrass Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile, 1813

ERRATUM to: Naureen Aziz QURESHI & Noor Us SAHER
Burrow morphology of three species of fiddler crab (Uca) along the coast of Pakistan – Belgian Journal of Zoology 142 (2): 114-126

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